Dr Fowosere Olukayode (Dr Kay)

Dr. Fowosere is an experienced General Practitioner with many years of clinical experience. He has extensive experience in emergency medicine, children’s health, women's health, men's health, skin cancer and skin-related conditions, diabetes management, asthma and other chronic disease management. His expertise also extends to palliative medicine and rehabilitation, having worked for many years in those areas. Dr. Fowosere values clear communication and ensuring patients understand exactly what treatment options are available for them.

Dr. Fowosere was, until recently, a senior physician with admitting right role at the Bourke Street Health Service, a public hospital in Goulburn, where he treated clients in rehabilitation and palliative medicine. He was until recently a senior physician at the Emergency Department at the Goulburn Base Hospital. He is involved in medical education and training medical students from various universities.

He believes that good care is a partnership between the patient and doctor and at Marketplace Medical Centre Gungahlin; he works constantly to foster this relationship.



Dr Raymond Liu


Dr Justin Armellin


Dr Raymond (Wai Man) Liu is a GP registrar who has joined our practice since February 2022. He graduated from the Australian National University Medical School in 2019. Raymond began his career as an academic researcher and has participated in several clinical trials, published research in palliative care, bereavement, anaesthetics, economics, and finance. He has won numerous awards for his involvement in palliative care research, notably the prestigious 2019 National Palliative Care Awards on Innovation in Palliative Care. Raymond is passionate about holistic patient care and he has strong interests ranging from paediatrics, chronic disease management to end-of-life care. He has completed the Sydney Child Health Program.





Dr. Justin Armellin is a GP registrar who has joined our practice in early February 2022. He graduated with his post-graduate degree in Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 2014 from the University of Sydney and has worked for several years in emergency departments throughout New South Wales. Prior to his medical career, Justin also completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Nanotechnology at the University of New South Wales, where he also worked as a lab demonstrator. Justin is Keen to engage in preventative medicine and foster better health outcomes within the community. Outside of work, Justin is an avid fan of martial arts, parkour, science fiction, and comedy.

Dr Adebayo Adeyemi (Dr Ade)

Dr Adeyemi is locally trained and qualified Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist. He undertook his training in Canberra and Sydney. He was awarded fellowship in 2012 and further underwent training in reproductive medicine. He enjoys his work in treating patients with high risk pregnancies, chronic abdominal pain and continence problem. He has extensive experience in advanced laparoscopic surgery such laparoscopic hysterectomy and endometriosis management.

Brandon Hardwicke

Brandon has been working as a Physiotherapist in Canberra for three years, with experience in many areas of Physiotherapy. In this time Brandon has worked with ACT representative teams in Hockey and Softball, as well as local first grade AFL. Prior to practising in Canberra, Brandon was working in a mixed role in aged care and private practice in Melbourne. Brandon enjoys working with people from all walks of life and has an interest in working with people suffering from sports and musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain and respiratory conditions, as well as working with clients with more complex needs. Brandon is currently completing a Masters in Strength and Conditioning through ECU and enjoys engaging with athletes in the clinic and gym. Brandon also has an interest in Men's Health, working with men who have issues pertaining to the pelvic floor, including post prostate surgery, and other pelvic dysfunction.

Ann Wong (Msc. Nutrition & Diet., APD)
Accredited Practicing Dietitian/Nutritionist

Ann is an Australia trained dietitian with over 20 years of cross cultural practise experience in both clinical and community setting. Ann offers dietetic and nutrition consultation in major areas covering Diabetes, Overweight and Obesity, Bariatric Surgery, Food Allergy, Coeliac Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, Kidney Disease and Paediatric Nutrition.

Ann is willing to listen, understand and work out solutions for clients with various food cultural diversities.

Dr Manuela Habicht (PhD, M Sc (Psych), MA (Psych Studies)

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Dr Manuela Habicht provides a variety of psychotherapies (CBT, ACT, IPT, DBT, psychodynamic psychotherapy) for children, adolescents, adults and elderly people and adjunct therapies such as clinical hypnosis and EMDR for the treatment of clinical disorders and personality disorders.

She provides forensic psychology services including assessments the following proceedings: family, care, criminal, personal injury and children’s court.



CardioScope is our partner; taking into consideration our patient group and establishing a cardiac diagnostic service that is centrally based within our facility thereby increasing the delivery of cardiac care to our patients.

They will provide any or all of the above services to complement the practice of doctors in our clinic.

National Hearing Care is our partner; taking into consideration our patient group and establishing a free hearing check service that is centrally based within our facility thereby increasing the delivery of hearing test to our patients.

They visit the centre every fortnight complementing the practice of doctors in our clinic. Please ask our reception team for booking.

"Health is not valued till sickness comes."

- Thomas Fuller